Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Additions to Traders Edge Systems

Over the weekend we did a significant clean up job of our main website, Traders Edge Systems.

Some of the updates include:
  • fixed broken links and fixed minor javascript issues
  • made Stocks and Commodities magazine Traders Tips more accessible and organized
  • flattened navigation links and buttons for easy access to Traders Tips and indicators
  • made About Us and Contact pages cleaner, shorter, with only the essential
We've been doing a number of programming consulting gigs for Tradestation in the past few months. If you need something coded like an indicator or system in Tradestation, we can certainly assist you with our services.

You get all of the code (clean and organized code might I add) in your own ELD file for easy importation into Tradestation. We also can create pre-setup workspaces, desktops complete with charts and indicators already applied if you are unfamiliar with Tradestation.